Confused about FERC terminology…these quick tips might help

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Intervenor: A stakeholder, a taxpayer, directly affected by Compressor/pipeline, or anyone from the public whose participation is in the public interest.  Being an intervenor legally empowers your comments and ensures that FERC registers the concern.  You must be registered with FERC, see below.  We encourage everyone to file for intervenor status.

eRegistration (

The process of identifying to FERC, you will be issued a FERC ID Number via your email.  Keep the email and password you used to register for future communications with FERC.
Once eRegistered, you can:

  • eSubscribe, to receive email notifications of new items posted about NESE (CP17-101).
  • eFile – file a Motion to Intervene, requiring answer from FERC, or
  • eFile – submit simple comments for FERC’s attention only.

eFiling (
Motion to Intervene:

  • On the Filing Type page, select General – Intervention – (doc-less) Motion to Intervene.
  • Copy and paste (or write your own) reason why you should be an intervenor.

NOTE:  Save comments to post as a separate action at a later stage.


  • Have a comment ready as a Word document to upload.
  • On the Filing Type page, select general – comment
    (on Filing, Environ, Report or Tech Conf) – Comment.
  • On the File Upload page, select Browse … go to your documents and select the one you want to send … select Upload.

eComment (

  • There’s no need to be registered or an intervenor to submit just comments.
  • Best is to copy & paste prepared comments from a text file into the text box.

Note: You may eFile comments/interventions as frequently and as many times as you want.
Use material provided by Franklin Twp Task Force (FTTF) to include in your comments.