What Can You Do?

Take action today to protect your tomorrow
& that of future generations.

There will be no public vote on this compressor station, and local ordinances have no weight in this permitting process, so it’s important that we get involved at key points throughout the regulatory process at the Federal, State, and Local levels.  View the projected timeline and learn more about the permitting process on our Resources page.

We are lucky to have the support of many elected officials, but they need our help in continually, vocally, and visibly opposing this proposed Project.  Here is a link to a Google Doc with contact information for the legislators we have been focusing on reaching out to.

There are a variety of impactful ways that you can make your voice heard in this process. A few things that you can do to stop the NESE project are listed below –

Spread the Word in Your Neighborhood

Gather a group to hand out informational flyers in your neighborhood. Just remember: It is illegal to put them in people’s mailboxes.  If no one is home, try to leave flyers in the front door.

Printable Handout to STOP the Williams-Transco Gass Compressor Station & Pipeline Expansion

Handout 1 (Single Sided)

Printable Handout to STOP the Williams-Transco Gass Compressor Station & Pipeline Expansion

Handout 2 (Double Sided)

Stay Informed

  • Feel free to direct questions and interest in volunteering to us at stopftcompressor (at) yahoo (dot) com.
  • Attend meetings of the Franklin Township Task Force on Compressor Station 206 & NESE.  We meet once a month at the Township Municipal Center at 8:00 PM. Address: 475 DeMott Lane in Somerset, NJ. Meetings are generally held the first Monday of the month, unless rescheduled to an alternate Monday due to holidays and scheduling conflicts. Please view the calendar for exact monthly meeting dates.
  • There are several community and statewide groups fighting this and similar projects. We learn a lot from one another.



ReThink Energy NJ
Facebook page
NJ League of Conservation Voters
Facebook page
Food & Water Watch
Facebook page
Central Jersey Safe Energy Coalition
Facebook page
Residents Against Compressor Station 206
Facebook page
Sierra Club – Raritan Valley
Facebook page
NY/NJ Baykeeper
Facebook page

Franklin Township Task Force on Compressor Station 206 & NESE                

Join the Stop The Franklin Gas Compressor Facebook Group


Become an Intervenor with FERC.


Under Docket Number is CP17-101, register with FERC and sign up to be an intervenor. It costs nothing, and it is among the most powerful action an individual, group or agency can take to register their views about this project.  As an Intervenor, you will have no further obligations, cannot be sued, and do not need an attorney.

Becoming an intervenor gives you legal standing in this proceeding. FERC needs to address any future comments you send about this project if you are an intervenor. Otherwise, they just need to read your comments.


FERC should set aside the March 23, 2108 DEIS & release a revised or supplemental DEIS with additional time for the public to review and make meaningful comments since that DEIS was missing critical information that hindered meaningful analyses, reviews and public engagement.



Approximately 2,000 mailed and emailed letters were sent to the NJDEP requesting fact-finding meetings (“hearings”) on the water quality permit applications submitted by Williams/Transco on June 20, 2018.  THANK YOU! Stay tuned for updates.


Contact elected officials to get involved and help. Make sure that they know your concerns and demands/requests.

Call NJDEP and voice your opposition to the NESE Project.

Legislators are most responsive to phone calls that include personalized concerns.  Form letters and petitions are not as effective in gaining their attention or prompting their action.  The more calls to them, the better to alert them to the urgency of our concerns

Here is a link to a Google Doc with contact information for the legislators we have been focusing on reaching out to.


Get onto Twitter

This is where the media awareness is taking place


There are a few more profiles you can follow, but you will see them respond to @NESupplyEnhance outrageous comments.

Please take a few minutes several times a week to endorse responses to @NESupplyEnhance and join into the conversation.

Tags to check out:
#globalwarming, #climatechange, #fossilfuels, and #STOPNESE to name a few.  Please join the conversation, share, comment and retweet, and push more feedback to $WMB, @FERC and elected officials.