Actions to Take

What Can You Do?


Keep Informed

  • Feel free to direct questions and interest in volunteering to us at stopftcompressor (at) yahoo (dot) com.
  • Attend meetings of the Franklin Township Task Force on Compressor Station 206 & NESE.  We meet once a month via Zoom at 8:00 PM. Meetings are generally held the first Monday of the month, unless rescheduled to an alternate Monday due to holidays and scheduling conflicts. Please email us for meeting link. Please view the calendar for exact monthly meeting dates and see the timeline below.

Contact elected officials to get involved and help. Make sure that they know your concerns and demands/requests.

Call NJDEP and voice your opposition to the NESE Project.

Legislators are most responsive to phone calls that include personalized concerns.  Form letters and petitions are not as effective in gaining their attention or prompting their action.  The more calls to them, the better to alert them to the urgency of our concerns

NJ Legislators contact information

Get onto Twitter

This is where the media awareness is taking place


There are a few more profiles you can follow, but you will see them respond to @NESupplyEnhance outrageous comments.

Tags to check out:
#globalwarming, #climatechange, #fossilfuels, #StopNESE, #StopTheWilliamsPipeline to name a few.  Please join the conversation, share, comment and retweet, and push more feedback to $WMB, @FERC and elected officials.