Compressor stations are loud

“Deafening.”   “Like a jet engine.”
“A diesel truck that runs all the time.”

Williams/Transco claims that the noise at their property line will meet Federal standards (an average of 55 decibels).  Who will enforce it?  We’ll pay the price with harm to enjoyment of the outdoors, health & property values from the noise of the compressor station.

Williams/Transco proposes to have 9” insulation on the compressor station building.  This may dampen the sound from the compressor station building, but it will not minimize the deafening blasts of blowdown sound since the blowdown separator is located outside the building.

Williams/Transco says that the trees will provide an additional noise buffer.  In the report that they provided, this “dampening” of medium frequency (1000 Hz) might be two decibels (2dB) at a location 2,500-feet from the compressor station.  What about winter when trees have no leaves?

On property that borders the compressor station site is the NJ Buddhist Vihara & Meditation Center.  Their practice of walking meditation will certainly be disrupted by the constant noise and blasts of blowdowns.

Measurement of noise in decibels alone is misleading since the perception of noise is influenced by frequency, the topography of the area and wind speed.

What do compressor stations REALLY sound like?