ACTION ALERT – Send Comments to NJDEP by May 2 to stop the NESE Project

We only have a few days to send comments to the NJDEP demanding that they deny the water permit applications for the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (NESE).

If you care about your health and safety as well as that of your children, future generations, wildlife and the environment, take the time to send a comment. It matters!

(1) You can sign any and all of the following petitions:

(2) See the comment points on the website – ACTION ALERT – By May 2, tell NJDEP to deny Permit Applications. You can copy and paste parts that are important to you and send messages to the NJDEP.


1. NESE is not in the public interest because there is no compelling public need for NESE.

See: Aucott, Michael. (10 May 2018). Report by M. Aucott of Environmental Science and Energy Consulting to EELC that was submitted to FERC on 5/14/18 as Exhibit B. FERC Accession No. 20180514-6168(32885359) – CLICK HERE and see pages 3-6 of the report.

Mattei, Suzanne. (19 March 2019). False Demand: The case against the Williams fracked gas pipeline. CLICK HERE:

Additionally, New York City Council approved a resolution on April 18, 2019 calling on their Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) to deny the Water Quality Certificate permit application by noting that the claim for needed additional gas was refuted by the New York Independent System Operator, the Long Island Power Authority, and the U.S. Energy Information Administration. See: Resolution No. 0845, New York City Council, available at: 420F-BDEE-FB142E95BE4C&Options=&Search=

2. NESE is not in the public interest because Williams/Transco failed to demonstrate there’s no practicable alternative for NESE. Williams/Transco relied on outdated information to inflate their case that National Grid needs more gas to convert boilers from oil to gas in New York, and they neglected to report the fact that many prior conversions from heavier oil did not change to natural gas as a source of cleaner energy. They did not assess the alternatives to increased gas that include efforts in New York to increase energy efficiency, use demand response, and install heat pumps.

From our partners in New York who are working to have their Department of Environmental Conservation reject permit applications for NESE in New York, listen to their voices at:

An aside:

On April 24, 2019, additional documentation was received at the Franklin Township Municipal Center pertaining to Stormwater Management for Compressor Station 206. This is only nine days before the close of the NJDEP’s comment period on several water permit applications since comments, to be read and considered, must be received or postmarked on May 2. These documents can be reviewed here.

Do not be discouraged by this untimely additional information! Make sure to send comments to NJDEP now.

Remember that the NJDEP is supposed to PROTECT and, in the suit filed against E.I. DuPont DeNemours & Co. by the State of New Jersey on 03/27/19 for the Parlin site, accessed from:

NJDEP wrote:

  • “The use, enjoyment, and existence of uncontaminated natural resources is a right common to the general public.”
  • The State has the ability “through the Department, to protect, conserve and manage the natural resources of the State, which are by law precious and invaluable public resources held by the State in trust for the benefit of the public; and the rights of the people of the State to enjoy their natural resources free from interference by pollution and contamination.”
  • “As the trustee over the State’s natural resources, the State has a duty to protect and restore all natural resources of the State and protect the health and comfort of its inhabitants.”