Copy Your Comment to NJDEP

Sending Copy of Comments sent to FERC to NJDEP matters because NJDEP is the agency that decides whether or not to give water quality permits for this project. Each comment sample contains the correct NJDEP email addresses to address your emails to.

After you send a comment to FERC, copy the NJDEP emails from the top of the letter into your personal email (new email to send). Both names can go into the “TO” part.

Copy & paste the statement below into your email’s text box, and type your complete name & address at the bottom.

Feel free to add a personal note to catch the attention of those at the NJDEP.
Attach the letter (comment) that you sent to FERC to this email to NJDEP.

I am an intervenor in the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (FERC Docket No. CP17-101), and I am sharing a comment sent to FERC pertaining to this project. Since NJDEP is responsible for determining whether or not to issue permits for Freshwater Wetlands, Flood Hazard Area, Coastal Wetlands and Waterfront Development, I am sharing these with you. Please forward this to those who are actually reviewing the permit applications and FERC’s DEIS.

Additionally, I would like to reiterate the letters with requests of hundreds of NJ citizens that were sent to you for two (2) hearings by NJDEP on these permit applications. Since the issues near the Raritan Bay differ from those in the area near the proposed compressor station, I hope that you will schedule one hearing in the Old Bridge / Sayreville area and another one in the Franklin Township / South Brunswick area.

Thank you for your consideration,