Health Impact of VOC Emissions

Re: CP17-101 Northeast Supply Enhancement Project

Pursuant to Senator Cory Booker’s and Senator Bob Smith’s submissions, I am hereby notifying FERC of gaps in data not submitted for CP17-101 and missing analysis required for a full and accurate Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

Issue: Missing Data – Health Impact of the VOC emissions
There is no analysis of the Health impact from the reported VOC emissions in pounds (lbs.) per year:
Formaldehyde 660 lbs., Ammonia 29,580 lbs., HCHO3 320 lbs., Acetaldehyde 44 lbs., Acrolein 6 lbs., Benzene 14 lbs., Ethylbenzene 34 lbs., Propylene Oxide 32 lbs., Toluene 142 lbs. and Xylenes 70 lbs.

The above missing data and analysis are significant gaps for CP17-101 application. This project is meant to be a convenience, not to harm people, damage the environment or increase climate change. I urge FERC to pursue all highlighted gaps in data and analysis for this project to provide a comprehensive DEIS.

I very much appreciate your vigilance and oversight in fully assessing all potential risks, heath threats and environmental impacts that this project poses.