Environmental impact of pipeline activity in the Raritan Bay with Inadequate Soil Samples

Re: CP17-101 Northeast Supply Enhancement Project

Pursuant to Senator Cory Booker’s and Senator Bob Smith’s submissions, I am hereby notifying FERC of gaps in data not submitted for CP17-101 and missing analysis required for a full and accurate Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

Issue: Missing Data – Incomplete study of environmental impact of pipeline activity in the Raritan Bay with Inadequate Soil Samples along the entire length of the proposed Raritan Bay Loop

Inadequate soil sampling of the proposed Raritan Bay Loop do not include the entire proposed 14,100 acre work space. Currently, there are only 69 sample sites used for chemical analyses along a 23 mile path with 14,100 acres that include the work areas (1 mile on either side of the proposed path). 69 sample sites in no way provide enough data points for Williams’ entire proposed massive workspace and impact from the disruptions that will take place during pipeline installation. Raritan Bay has been the dumping ground for the past 2 centuries from US industrialization before regulations were in place to limit the pollution.

More sampling sites are required along the entire proposed pipeline to fully ascertain pollution sediment disruption from the planned pipeline in Raritan Bay and the impact of this disruption on aquatic life. Without this information, the DEIS does not accurately assess the environmental impact on the Raritan Bay.

The above missing data and analysis are significant gaps for CP17-101 application. This project is meant to be a convenience, not to harm people, damage the environment or increase climate change. I urge FERC to pursue all highlighted gaps in data and analysis for this project to provide a comprehensive DEIS.

I very much appreciate your vigilance and oversight in fully assessing all potential risks, heath threats and environmental impacts that this project poses.