Send Comments to Stop the NESE Williams Pipeline

The fight against Compressor Station 206 and the pipeline in the Raritan Bay is not over! Now is the time to make it known that you expect the NJDEP to deny the water permit applications that they received on June 12, 2019 for the NESE Project.  The comment period has been extended to August 23



  1. Send in separate comments for each topic or point. The deadline to submit comments is August 23.
  2. Once you enter your name, address and email, click the “Start Writing” button. Comment statements will then appear, along with a form to create and submit your letter.
  3. Start your letter with an introduction and then copy and paste selected points from the information provided on the attached comment ideas and points, or write your own individualized comments based on the information provided.
  4. Click the “Send Letter” button and your comment will be sent by email automatically to the NESE Project Managers at the NJDEP as well as the Commissioner of the NJDEP.

Comment Topics – Please submit a separate letter for each topic that concerns you by clicking on the comment buttons below.

COMMENT 1: Flooding and Threatened Habitats

COMMENT 2: No Alternatives for Wetlands Preservation Explored

COMMENT 3: There is NO Public Need

COMMENT 4: Not In The Public Interest

COMMENT 5: Questionable “Need” for more gas in NY

COMMENT 6: Raritan Bay Loop Threats

COMMENT 7: Climate Change Impacts

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Williams/Transco still needs permits from NJDEP and the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) to receive FERC’s permission to begin construction. 

  • The earlier permit applications to NJDEP were withdrawn or rejected – 6/23 & 7/10/17 applications withdrawn on 6/15/18 > new applications submitted 6/20/18 > denied by NJDEP on 6/5/19 > new applications submitted on 6/12/19. 

It has been over 3 years since the opposition to the NESE Project began, and there’s still hope that the NJDEP will do the right thing and reject the third set of applications from Williams/Transco for permits since they fail to meet State requirements for the permits

  • The June 12, 2019 applications to NJDEP still do not meet NJ regulations by showing a “compelling public need” for the NESE Project. 
  • They still include harms from construction of the pipeline to our surface water quality, marine life, and threatened & endangered species and their habitats. 
  • The proposed infiltration basin for the compressor station site still does not meet required regulations. 
  • Operations would guarantee decades of toxic air pollution from the compressor station. 

See attachments: NJDEP’s deficiency letters

The NJDEP extended the comment deadline to August 23. ▶ ▶ ▶ If you prefer to submit your comment directly by email, the comments and instructions provided in our Action Alert for the previous August 2nd deadline are still valid.